Does he have a crush on you?

Does he have a crush on you?

See if your crush has a crush on you aswell! Or if it's just a one way thing :(

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Does he make it out of his way to talk to you

Does he make it out of his way to talk to you
No... I usually have to start a conversation
with him
Yes! He talks to me without hesitation
Sometimes but it's not a very deep or
meaningful conversation.. he really just says

Does he have a girlfriend

I think he's Gay

If you sit next to him, what's his reaction

He make ups some excuse and leaves, he
shuffles a little bit further away
He starts a nice conversation with
He just looks over at you and then turns his
attention back to something else

How often does he call or text

I don't have/know his number...
Pretty much every day
About Once a week

Has he said if your hot, cute or sexy?

None of them
Hot, sexy

Does he joke around with you?

No barely
Yes, we even have our own inside joke
Yes, but we only really joke about people from

Has he given you any signs that he's into you?

Only for a dare...
He asked me to this party !
No not really

He's introduced me to.....

His parents
Just some people from his friend circle
His parents, his pets, his siblings, his friends

Does he talk about being interested in other women

He talks about being interested in just celebrities and tv people
He talks about guys a lot
He talks about how other women are 'hot'

Has he ever said that he's not looking for a relationship


How old is he

Under 18
20 or over

How old are you

Under 18
20 or over