What type of Fangirl are you?

What type of Fangirl are you?

Figure out what type of fangirl you are by taking this quiz! Have fun! ^-^

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Your busy and you end up missing your favourite show and your a day behind watching the newest episode.
What do you do?

Crazily click where you can watch it and watch it with out missing out any second.
Click on it after your done drawing a fanart...
Click on it but then get carried away with all the iteams you can buy from the show.
Watch the episode and then check if you predicted what happed next was correct
Click on it and check how many moments there where with your favourite ship.

You just realize that the two people you wanted to be together don't end up being together. What do you do?

Refuse to believe that they are not together.
Write a fanfic on where they would be together in.
Draw a fanart where they are both together.
Check the comments to see if anyone agrees that it sucks that your ship is not together.
Eh it does not really matter since the other ship is fine too.

You notice that the second season/second book of your favourite fandom show is not coming out until a year. What do you do?

Noooo we will never know if my favourite ship will be together!!!
By figurines and wait....
Write a huge fan fiction on what you think would happen in the second season.
Call your friends that are in the same fandom and have a deep discussion on how life is
so unfair...
Make a collab drawing with your friends so that the show/book will still be fresh in your

You notice that the next episode of your fandom is out late. What do you do?

Check Instagram, Twitter and any where else to see why they did not upload.
Draw and wait... Drawing makes time fly so it will take my mind off it...
Keep on refreshing the page until they post the video
Check your fanfic 's to see new comments in the mean time
See if there is any new merch

You see that your favourite character died. What do you do?

NOO! My ship is HAS SUNK! ;-;
But but... Let's see what the comments say about this....
Draw a memorial drawing that we will miss that character.
Start a fanfic when they did not die in
Look at your action figure if that character and hug it.