What animal do you look and act most like? (Girls Only)

What animal do you look and act most like? (Girls Only)

This quiz will be telling you which animal you look and act most like. NOTE: The "animals" I'm talking about are really what the animals would look or act like if they were humans. Also, in the quiz, the questions will mostly be about what you LOOK like. The personalities will describe what you ACT like.

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What color are your eyes?

Really dark brown, almost black
Light blue or light green
Bright hazel, kind of an orange or yellow
Caramel brown

Describe your eyes.

Small and somewhat beady; eyelashes not noticeable
Medium sized - but they can get large - with thin eyelashes
Round and expressive, with thick eyebrows
Somewhat large and wide, with thin eyebrows and thickish eyelashes
Very large, hooded by thick eyelashes

What is your face shape?

Very thin and triangular
Round, but with sharp features
Square, and very filled out
Triangular, but with squared-off or rounded-out edges
Long and oval

What is your hair color?

Black/brown/gray, with highlights
Gray, blonde, or black
It varies - it can be cream, white, black, gray, brown, golden, etc.
I'm bald

How long is your hair?

Really short
Somewhat short
Pretty long
I just told you; I'm bald!

What is your hair like?

Soft, but no matter what happens to it, it always looks gorgeous
Fluffy and frizzy - I just wear it how it falls
Pretty soft; I usually give it a quick wash, but it still looks good
Gets greasy easily, but I take the time to carefully groom it every day
I JUST TOLD YOU! I'm bald!

Are you short or tall?

I'm really short
I have a small frame, but I'm not SUPER short
I'm kind of short, but I'm strong, fierce, and fast
I'm somewhat tall, but I'm slender
I'm way bigger than a lot of people I know, bit I'm really strong

What about you stands out so much that it sets you apart from everyone else?

My eyes
My head
My arms and legs
My size
My speed

(Now we're getting to the "what do you act like" questions.)

What's your coolest talent?

My intuition
I'm really strong
I can defeat an enemy pretty much immediately
I'm flexible
I'm really, really, really fast

Which diet sounds most appealing to you?

A wide variety of veggies, and the occasional fruit, but that's it
Just certain types of meat
Every kind of meat you can name, first of all. Don't forget eggs. And fish - RARELY.
Mostly vegetables and grains, but with some fruit and sweets mixed in