Does He Like you? (8)

Does He Like you? (8)

Do you want to know if he likes you back? Take this quiz to find out if it's true

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Does He tease you?

OMG yes! He jokes around with me, but not like a bully would.
Yea, it hurts.

Does He ever stare at you?

Yes....In a creepy sort of way.....
Oh yes. He glances over at me, and smiles.
Ya. He but If I catch him, he looks away quickly.
Not really.

Does he flirt with other girls?

No! :)
It only does it with me, and girls in my class like my friends.

Do you have him on any Social Media?

I don't have him on anything.
I try following him, but he blocks me.
Yes! He shares his photos all the time with me!
Yeah. I am following him, but we don't really talk.

Does he try to impress you?

Oh yeah. He tries to look all cool and stuff.
No. He tries to look good for this other girl.

How do you know him?

We are neighbors. I see him everyday. He also goes to my school :)
He is in one or more of my classes.
He goes to my school, but he doesn't ever talk to me.

Do you guys talk? If so, how much, and what about?

No we don't talk, I never do
Oh god yes. OMG, everyday. He cannot stop. Everything we talk about.
Only if it's school related.
He doesn't know I exist.

Final question. Do you think he likes you?

No. He probably hates me.
As a friend