Would Lily Date You? (Either gender)

Okay, this is Lily's friend, and I made this quiz for her. She's gonna kill me for this. I hacked her account... just kidding she gave me her password, she trusts me a ton. Anyway, She need a bf or gf. I HATE SEEING MY ADORBLE PANDA BEING S LONELY LONER! PEOPLES TAKES THIS!

published on May 28, 201719 responses 8 5.0★ / 5

Would you message her at least once or twice a day?

... the fudge, no.
I might, I could be busy.
Of course.

Your thoughts on hazel eyes and brown hair?

They're okay

She's opyimistic, shy, loud and a bit weird. Okay with that?

Yeah, weird shy people are cool
I mean... I might?
No. Why am I still taking this?

She can be a bit scary and emotional during her... time.

Oh, heeeeeeell no.
That's normal. Every girl does it.
... shit... I don't know, dude... chick... whatever gender you are.

She can accidently be rude first meeting or brutally blunt.

That's okay. If she doesn't mean it, then it's fine
F this SHIT I'm out.
... I might deal with it... May be not...

Lily loves anime, drawing, reading and writing.

Um.... okay, I dont care.

Good day to you.