Would you survive Bloody Painter? (a.k.a. Helen)

Would you survive Bloody Painter? (a.k.a. Helen)

Lets see if you would survive Helen Melon XD sorry, anyways lets see if you live or not- XD

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Me : Hai guys! I'll get Helen for ya! HELEN!! GET OVER HERE!!
Helen : What?! I was drawing!
Me : Oh sorry- anyways you need to ask y/n some questions-
Helen : *looks at you* oh- hello-
Toby : *walks in* whats with all the yelling? I was napping with Jax-
Me : Oh sorry babe- I just needed Helen
Jax : *walks in and yawns* for what?
Me : he needs to ask y/n some questions
Toby and Jax : *looks at you* oh hello!
Me : Anyways, Helen go ahead and ask *hugs Toby and Jax*
Helen : Okay so uh- do you like drawing?
Me : Ooo nice question
Helen : thanks

yea! I love it!
Helen : Thats good!
Ew no. I hate it.
Me : Damn. you don't have to be so rude.
Helen : Oh okay..
Omg yesssssss!!

Me : Jax you look really tired, you should go get some rest
Jax : Only if you come with me
Me : fine, Cya Helen and Toby *walks out with Jax*
Toby and Helen : Bai!
Toby : Okay so what now?
Helen : hmmmmmm y/n whats ur favorite game to play?

Tag or (other game)!
Helen : Oh cool!
i dont play any games..
Helen : Oh...okay then..
Why would you care freak?!
Toby : Damn, don't be rude.
i like (whatever you like) but i dont usually play it
Helen : Oh oki

Me : *walks in* be quiet guys, Jax is sleeping
Toby ad Helen : Okay
Me : *cuddles Toby*
Toby : heh
Helen : Okay lovebirds, can i finally ask a question?
Me : Oh- yea go ahead
Helen : Okay so y/n, do you like the creepypastas?

Yea ofc! Who Doesn't?!
Me : yea ikr!
Ugh, ew no never.
Toby : -_- then why are you here?
Helen : Hello?...
yea! my fav is (enter fav cp)!
Me : Ooo nice choice!

Toby : well im tired, ima go sleep with Jax, cya guys!
Me : *kisses him* cya babe!
Helen : Cya
Toby : *walks out*
Me : Okay so Helen *whispers in his ear*
Helen : do i have to?
Me : yea!
Helen : fine. ill brb
me : 0w0
Helen : *leaves*
Sally : *walks in* Oh hey Phoenix!
Me : Hewo Sally!
Sally : whatcha doing?
Me : You'll see *sits down and pats seat next to me*
Sally : *sits down next to me*
~1 minute later~
Helen : *walks in with a pink dress and heels* here.
Me and sally : XD *dying on the floor*
Helen : y/n what do you think of my dress?
Slendy : Hey guys- Uhhhhhh- nvm- ill come back later-
Me : Omg XDD

Omg ew. you look disgusting!
Me : You're just jealous that he looks more prettier than you'll ever be XD
Helen : Thanks Phoenix
Me : np uwu XD
You look good!
Helen : thanks y/n!
cool ig...
Helen : thanks ig?-
Omg, you are rocking that dress! XD
Me : yea XD
Helen : thanks XD

Me : *snaps fingers*
Helens clothes : *changes*
Sally : Ooo can you change my clothes?!
Me : XD sure *snaps fingers*
Sally's clothes : *change to ripped jeans and a jacket*
Me : yw^^
Helen : Anyways, y/n whats ur fav color? (dont kill me-)

Black and red!
Me : YASSSS!! *hugs* ^^
Helen : cool!
(another color)
Me : nice
Why do you care?
Me : bish- you wanna die?
dont have one.
Helen : really? okay..