Does he secretly adore you?

Does he secretly adore you?

Does the guy of your dreams secretly adore you? or are you just friends?

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Does he casually flirt with you?

Yes. all the time.
Not really. He checks out other girls in front of me.

Have you ever noticed him trying to be around you whenever possible?

Yes, he does make efforts to be around me.
I don't see such efforts from his side.

How often does he call you in a week?

Quite often. At least, 4-5 times a week.
Quite rarely, maybe once or twice.
Not at all.

When you talk to him, whats his reaction?

He pays attention to whatever I'm saying.
He pays attention, but not total.

Have you ever noticed him being extra concerned about you?

I have sensed that many times.
I don't get any kind of special treatment.

How often do you find him looking at you, when your not looking at him?

Almost every time.
Quite often.

How often does he send/forward romantic texts to you?

At least once a day.
He hasn't sent any romantic messages to me.

Does he take special interests in your hobbies?

Yes, he makes an effort to understand my hobbies.
I can't notice anything special in it.