Would we be a great couple? (1)

Would we be a great couple? (1)

this is to see how well we would be together, wether or not is up to u. I hope u enjoy ;)

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im really quit but once u get 2 know me im really crazy and randome. Do you care?

no... not at all
i love that in guys :D
um no i like cool guys

What do you think of my apperince?

What do you think of my apperince?
id tap that
umm.. the hair thing is uhh. to much

What do you listen to?

Rock or and metal like asking alexandria, blink 182, linkin park, etc.
country and stuff like that
pop and rap

Do you think i should get a haircut?

yes definetly.
depends on if YOU want to

what type of personality do you have?

im sweet and kind
im wild and crazy
nothin cool...
cool and awsome

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haha i dont get it but okay