Would I date you? (41)

Would I date you? (41)

Wanted to see how this would go I am 14 I love people with a personality like no other I like smart people... Gotta be funny. 2! Enjoy anyways. .

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So what hi think of me?

You seem cool
Eh... I mean you nice
Really sweet

How would you describe yourself?

I mean I think I can be an idiot but I try hard at least
I am depressed af and I like to be off by myself pretty introverted
I think funny... Even though nobody laughs I do... I don't have a good mind set but I'm working at it

Are you loyal?

For the most Part
Im going to be totally honest I am not loyal at all

How old are you?


Do you game?

What is gaming?

So what would you do If you saw someone being rude to me?

I would make them back off
Get them to back off then check on you

Im not very active... But are you?

Not necessarily

When I say no I mean...

No No questoin at all
haha you mean Yes

In my future I want to get married before I have children... What is your opinon on that?

I respect that
I dont think that can go well
I guess thats ok

When I ask for space I...

Get some space no questoin
Please Just just come on just please....
Space is needed I understand

I gotta go Ill talk to ya around!!

See you