What tipe of partner are u to your partner? Find out!

do you do enough for your partner?

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Every day that go's by, who is on your mind, for the hole day?

You think of everything that happens around you
you think of few things and your partner
you think only about your partner

When you walk around the mall, and do not have much money what's your first though?

Im gonne buy me that t-shirt i saw last week
im buying that sneekers for me and a chocolate for my partner
im gonne buy my partner that dress and a chocolate

if you would write a poem what would it be about?

the things going on in the world and around you
you would get insperation from your partner
you would write about your partner and feelings

if you would have to exspress your feelings to your partner how would you do it?

you say a few word 'quase you don't realy know what to say
you write a poem and reed it to her
you plan a diner and speak a poem of her you wrote

If someone asked you tell me your feelings in ONE SHORT sentance you feel for your partner, what will it be?

I am happy
my partner makes me smile
the feeling I have, is to strong for words to explain

If you had a choise what would you do on your vriday nights?

go to a party and let my partner know when ill be back
go to friends but my partner must come with me
spent the night with my partner, do things we love