What Holiday in my culture are you?

What Holiday in my culture are you?

Christmas? Halloween? New Years? St. Patrick's Day? Which one are you?

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Do you like to be scared?

Yup! Who doesn't?! (me:same here)
no, its bad for little kids depending on which kind. (Me: You're real caring, here! *gives present*)
only if i'm lucky (me: it's called getting scared, startled, otherwise.)
I'd do it for one year, then i'd change my ways (me: good for you!)

Are you lucky?

Lucky in being startled, yes.
yup! *shows 4 leaf clover)
in December...

Do you not forget resolutions you make at new years?

If it means scaring people...
I make them in December.
If I'm Luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Yup, i'm da master at it

are you bor - ed?

MERRY ... Christmassss?
if I'm not Lucky

Whats your fav holiday?

other than below
St Patrick's Day
New Years Day
Halloween ween ween