How Good of a Boyfriend Are You?

How Good of a Boyfriend Are You?

Want to know if you are a good boyfriend? Take this test and find out! If you aren't, you can improve, and make your girlfriend happy!

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Movie Date Tonight! You want to see the cool new action movie, but you know your GF wants to to see the new romantic-comedy with Channing Tatum. Which one will you go see?

Totally the Channing Tatum movie! Whatever makes her happy, right?
I can see the action movie sometime else, I guess.
I really want to see the action movie... We can see the Channing Tatum some other time.
Um, I'm going to go see the movie I want to see, forget her!

Your girlfriend isn't responding to your texts and you don't know why. What do you do?

Call and leave a message, maybe send 1 or 2 more texts. I totally trust her, why should I worry?
I really don't care... So, nothing.
Send a bunch of texts, like 20, just to let her know I'm worried and I miss her. I don't totally trust her...
Call, but don't leave a message, send 6 texts. I trust her... I think...

Your girlfriend has a peice of lettuce stuck in between her front two teeth from her salad. What should you say?

"EW, you got some stuff stuck between your teeth! That is disgusting, get it out before we leave and have to be seen IN PUBLIC together..."
Don't say anything... hopefully she'll get it out.
"Babe, you have a little lettuce stuck in between your teeth. It's really cute on you, but you might want to get it out."
"Um, you got something between your teeth."

Time to take your girl out on a date to a fancy resteraunt. She comes down the stairs of her house wearing a red dress. She looks so beautiful your heart starts beating in your chest. What will you say to her?

"You still don't look as good as I do."
"Ready to go?"
"You look great!"
"Wow, you look beautiful! What did I ever do to deserve such a gorgeous girlfriend?"

Your over at your girlfriends house watching a movie... All alone and her parents aren't going to be back for hours. Things start to get pretty heated up when she stops you. How will you respond?

Remind her you won't do anything she doesn't want to do or she's not ready for.
Beg her to continue, although you'll stop if it goes to far.
Pout but you won't do anything unless she's ready.
Continue anyway. She's not the boss of you!

At school, you enter the class you have with your girlfriend. You want to talk with her, but she's talking to some guys. Jealousy begins to eat you alive. What do you do?

Walk over and try to make it awkward for every one. She is my girlfriend, and I do trust her, but I'm jealous.
I totally trust my girlfriend! I'll let her know I'm here by waving and maybe giving her a kiss, but I'm not going to be rude.
Walk over and ask what's going on rudely. Why are they talking to my girlfriend? Is she cheating on me? What do they want from her?
Demand to know what is going on. Accuse her of going behind your back and pick a fight with the guys. She has NO buissness talking to those guys!

Your girlfriend really wants to try out for the play... The only problem is, your supposed to be having a Guys Night Out. Will you go and support your girlfriend?

Um, no? I really need some guy time... Good Luck!
Yeah, I guess. Hopefully the guys won't make fun of me though.
Heck no! I told my friends I would hang out with them and thats what I'm going to do! It's not like it's the play or anything! See ya!
Of course! I can meet up with the boys later, she needs my support.

You and your girlfriend got into a huge fight. You feel really bad and want to apologize and make up. How will you show her your sorry?

Apologize in person. Example: "I am so so sorry! I hate fighting with you, I just want to be with you! Can you forgive me?" Bring roses and chocolates to let her know you are actually sorry.
Call her or text her, this way, I don't have to make a fool of myself in front of her. Example: "Uh, I'm sorry for whatever I did. I'm not really sure what happened, but, yeah, sorry."
I'm not apolgizing for anything, even if it is my fault! She can apologize to me when she's ready.
Apolologize in person, but try not to make it seem like a big deal. Example: "Um, I'm sorry."

Your go over to your girlfriends house to pick her up so you can go on your date. When she answers the door, you can tell she's been crying and she's upset. What will you say and do?

"Are you okay? You look like you've been crying." Then give her a quick hug.
"What's wrong with you? You look terrible. Are we going on this date, or what?" Then lead her to the car.
"What's wrong, babe? Are you feeling okay or do you want to talk about it? You can tell me anything." Then hold her and make some coffee/hot chocolate to soothe her.
"Umm, I'll leave and come back later." Then leave.

Your at a party without your girlfriend because she's on vacation with her family. A girl has been hitting on you all night. She finally corners you and tries to kiss you. Quick, what do you do?!?

Lean in for a kiss, but only a short one. What's the problem with having just a little bit of fun?
Push her away, and forcefully tell her you already have a girlfriend. You would NEVER cheat on her!
Full makeout session! And if she's up for it, maybe more than JUST a kiss. Come one, my girlfriends not here, I'm going to have some fun with this girl!
Hesitate before telling her you already have a girlfriend.

It's time to have dinner with her parents! How do you prepare?

Take a shower, wear nice clothes, brush your teeth, and make sure you look nice and smell good.
Who cares what her parents think about how you look? Who cares if you smell bad? You don't even want to do this dumb thing anyway...
Shower if you have to, peice of gum for bad breath and okay clothes. As long as there are no holes, it's okay, right?
General hygeine: quick shower, brush teeth and good clothing.

You finally arrive for dinner at her house. What are some things you will say to her and her parents?

"Nice place, what's for dinner?"
"You look nice (Girlfriend). It's nice to meet you," shake hands with the parents.
"What's up? Your place is okay, I guess. I'm starving, could you hurry up with the dinner?"
"You look great (Girlfriends Name). You look good too Mrs.????" Shake hands with the father, and tell them what a pleasure it is to meet them. Compliment the house also.

Dinner is served! What are some good manners and things to say?

Forget manners! Burping, elbows on the table, eat as much as you can without barfing, and don't forget to play with your food. "This food is... Meh, I guess it's okay considering I waited forever to eat!"
Manners? Whats that? "This tastes okay, not as good as my moms though..."
Chew with your mouth closed, don't talk with your mouth full, no elbows, don't over eat, and try not to spill anything. "This tastes great!" Always ASK for things to be handed to you. Example: "Can you pass the salt, please?"
Chew with your mouth closed, and don't talk with food in your mouth, but elbows and overeating is acceptable. "This tastes really good."

Your visit comes to an end, what is the proper way to say goodbye?

"Thanks for dinner, I thought it was great! Bye!"
"Dinner was okay, I guess. See ya, I'm out!"
"Dinner was good, bye."
"Thank you so much for the wonderful dinner, I really enjoyed it. I really appreciate you inviting me over." Shake hands and tell them goodnight.

As you walk out the door, your girlfriend stops you and leans in for a kiss. Her parents are still watching, what do you do?

I want to let her parents know you can be romantic. A quick kiss, nothing over five seconds.
Although I want to give her a real kiss, you want to make sure her parents know you respect her. A quick peck on the lips or cheek, nothing over two seconds.
I want to give her a real kiss, no matter what her parents think. A long kiss, but nothing over ten seconds.
Make out! It's what we do anyway. Give her some tounge, grab her butt, and pull her close. Her parents can leave if they want to!

Your friends have been calling your girlfriend some pretty harsh things lately. What will you do?

Boys will be boys, let them say what they want as long as she doesn't hear.
Let it slide a couple more times, but if it gets bad, step in.
Call him out and tell him to stop.
Join in, let out some steam, she can't hear, what does it matter?

Uh-oh, this is bad. You finally decided to tell your girlfriend you love her but she says she doesn't know if she feels the same way. Your heart is breaking...What do you say?

"Wow, that hurt. Call me when you change your mind."
"Just kidding! I really don't love you, I just wanted to see if you loved me!"
"It's okay, take your time. It's a big desicion and I want to do this right. I had to say what I was feeling though."
"Really? This sucks... But okay."

Your girlfriend thinks your cheating on her, even though your not. What will you say to reassure her?

"What makes you think that? Talk to me, I want to understand. I swear I'm not! I would never hurt you like that."
"What makes you think I would cheat on you? Explain to me!"
"I'm not cheating on you, Scouts Honor."
"Why do you care if I have a little someone on the side? Maybe your not giving me everything I want. But I'm not cheating on you... Maybe I should!"

Your friends always ask you how far you've gotten with your girlfriend and make fun of you when your story reveals no dirty details. They pressure you to try "dirtier" things with her. Will you?

Who cares what she wants to do? She's mine, I can do whatever I want to her.
Ask her, even if it's uncomfortable. You won't do anything if she doesn't want to.
Beg her to, but back off if she really doesn't.
We'll take our time. I would never do anything she didn't want to do.

Do you love your girlfriend enough to take advice to improve your relationship?

Yes! I would do anything for her.
Yeah, I guess so.
Sure, whatever.
NOPE. She's not worth it.