Are You Really Falling Hard????

Are You Really Falling Hard????

this quiz helps you figure out how bad you really are in love. us girls and boys need too know and if you are in love then telll them!

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all right him or her just asked you too do it. are you ready or are you not

so ready
im ready. we have been waiting
nope sorry

are you too dating?

duh. soon i will marry him/her

how did you start off

we dated before and before that were friends

the person is dying, what would you do

cry for ever. this person is my everything. i love him/her so much i cant loose him/her!
die with them. my life is their life!!
nothing. i still have my life too fullfill

this is it you guys are having a baby! you expression

yes. excited

how much do you text?

now and then
every day
every second of the day. i have all the txts memorized

if you could marry this person right now would you?

no!never ever i am too young
yes! right now for ever and always
duh! i already hav it planned

your friends say him or her is cheating what do you do?

ask and learn and explore
your so hurt that u decided its done