Can you survive the Manor Of Sleep? (1)

Can you survive the Manor Of Sleep? (1)

Ever played Fatal Frame 3? Ever wondered if you yourself would survive this horrifying dream curse? Well, find out here. :D These questions are going to have accurate answers, and you will be rightly tested to see whether you'd survive...or be amongst them.

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After a while of being fast asleep in your bed, you wake up, and find yourself in a dark corridor. You decide you should explore, rather curious, and assuming this may be a dream.

Ugh, I'd better find out where I am, and what I'm
supposed to do...where is my lovely bed?

You finally grasp what's going on.You are in a dream...right? You sigh, and go to wander around. As you walk down the corridor, you feel a presence in the if someone where nearby, watching you. You slowly turn your head to look behind you, and what you see is a ghost man, holding a large butcher knife, and he roared at you, preparing to take a swing at you.

OH MY GOSH!!! OMG! -runs like mad- WAAAAH!
Oh my. What do I do? ...wait am I supposed to run?

Whew! Now that THAT'S over, you take it to consideration to exploring again. You walk through another hall, and you find something on the floor. You tilt your head, and you kneel down to get a good look at the object. A camera.

Oh. a camera. -picks it up- I wonder what it's use would be?
OHMERGERD YAY! I've been needing to update my facebook status and profile! -takes photos of yourself, and everything around you-
-picks up camera- What good is this supposed to do?
-throws into endless darkness, and walks away whistling-

You walk along afterward, and you take a good look at the work done on the mansion. You laugh at it's condition, but you freeze when you feel another presence in the air.

-doesn't know what to do-
I shiver, and I look around nervously, ready to flee if I had to. You look down at the camera,'is this...can this protect me from ghosts?'
RUN BRO RUN AGAIN! -runs like mad-

You're getting yourself a lot of attention there! Be careful. You reach a different room, and you relax there for a while, hoping and assuming that you'd be safe.

I guess I need some rest. I've been running a lot.

After a while, you keep going, and you find yourself in another dark corridor. But what made you feel very unsafe and nervous was a figure standing at the other side of the hall. Darkness was almost engulfing her, but you made out her features: Tattooed, jet black hair, and her bangs hung over her eyes.

Aww, hey are you lost here too? -walks over to, and tries to give a hug-
-takes out camera, and prepares-

Oh my, you have finally made it from that danger. But for some reason, you've felt pain in your body since your encounter with her. You quickly kept wandering, and noticed a random vengeful ghost, who viciously hissed, and went to attack you, shouting," YOU SAID YOU WOULD COME BAAACK!"

NU I DIDN'T YOU CRAZY BEYOTCH! -runs around in fear-
-takes out camera and Fatal frame's like a boss-
-runs around in fear, and tries to take photos of random things in the room-

After that...horrible go on searching again. You find a roll of camera film on the ground.

I don't have a camera, so I don't need that. -blunt-
Oh, finally! I was almost out of film! -picks up, and loads it up-

Continuously, you wander. Eventually, you've pushed open two large doors, and you find a whole other area you haven't explored. You run across, and open two more doors, and find a small area. You walk over to a stand where a mirror sat, and you admired it. Suddenly, you heard someone speak in a low, hoarse, yet old voice as you reached out to touch the mirror. You turn around, and see the Kuze Family Head staring at you, her many arms appearing around her as she approached you.

HOLY POOP! -takes out camera and takes photos- DIE!!!
-runs like mad around the room since you have no camera-
-takes out camera the moment you see her, and takes photos and fatal frames-

You've gone farther into the shrine, and you found yourself at an Abyss. After you surpassed that area, you walk across another bridge, and find yourself at a Chamber's grounds. You slowly go to enter the chamber, and you find that the Tattooed Priestess stood there, her back to you.

OHMERGERD...-steps out slowly-
-shouts- I've seen you before! :D
-watches with caution, and considers backing out-
-runs out as fast as you could, and turns around, taking out camera, and ready up for a battle-

-last game related question- You made it past the chamber, and you venture through a dark hallway inside. After a while of darkness, you came apon a shore. You walk to the edge, and you stare in awe as the whole horizon lights up, showing figures of the dead on the other side. But you look over, seeing spirits of the mansion heading to the Other Side as well. You look through the group, and see someone you love. You chase after them, and beg them not to go. They tell you that you should live.

...o-okay I guess. I'll miss you so much <333
I just went through so much, and you choose to stay away from me? Wow, rude.
-stands in shock as they leave, hoping one day you could see them again as darkness engulfs you-