would I dat you? (for girls)

Would I like you or want to date you. Find out here. This is my first quiz, so leave a comment and tell me what you get. I might be suprised.

published on February 20, 201534 responses 16 5.0★ / 5

Quess my personality if you can

A bookworm with no life except for computer media
An adventurous drug addict
A collective guy who just wants a girl to call his own
A jock who wants as many girls as he can get at once
Your just doing this because of a bet

Why are you taking this quiz?

Just cause I want to,need I say more
The title explains everything
I was bored
It is your first one, so I was being nice
So what, I took your stupid quiz

What do you believe you will get on my quiz

Heck yeah, you are amasing
You absolutely suck
You are okay
You are more like a friend than anything else

Describe your personality, please.

No, since when did you control me
A collective girl who aims to be adventurous from time to time
A "goth" girl who is testing her boundaries too much
A party animal with nothing to lose
A do anything for anything person

Impressing you would take

More than you can afford
Nothing, just promise me you will be true to me
As much as you can give
Something, but I don't what yet
It will come to me later, if I care

Animals are very interesting. What's your opinon?

Animals are amasing. They are also quite cute sometimes
Animals can be okay.
Animals scare me, they have germs
Animals are stupid. Who cares

What's you favorite color type

Bright, exotic colors
Dark colors
Bland colors. I don't care about personality
Warm, rich colors

Is atleticism a big thing in your book?

Yes, if you aren't athletic then you are useless
Idc, as long as you are nice
I quess, I don't think it really matters
No, it is stupid. Like many other things.
As long as you aren't rude about it, I quess it is tolerable.

The pen is mighter than the sword to some people. What is your thought?

The pen duh. Words hurt less than metal blades
The sword. It is best to take things with force
Idk, this question is difficult
Both. You never no when something will come in handy
What does this have to do with anyrhing right now?