Which of my wolf characters are you?

Which of my wolf characters are you?

I don't use them that often but I'm working on a story with them. This quiz will tell you which of my wolf OCs you're most like!

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Your pups are whining for food. What do you do?

I play with them to try to get them quiet
I give them some food and then play with them
I eagerly tend to them until they are full
I give them food and then go back to whatever I was doing before
I'm already feeding them!

You're trotting along in the forest when you see an elk carcass. You are very hungry, but the elk carcass is too big to bring home, and there is only enough left for one wolf. What do you do?

I go ahead looking for a bigger carcass
I give the carcass to my mate
I bring my pups to the carcass, because they need it more than me
I eat it and keep it for myself
I hunt down a rabbit for the pups and then I eat the carcass

Where would you rather have a den?

Near an open field
In the middle of a forest
In a quiet grove
Near a stream
Near some hunting grounds

You just found a mate. What is your next priority?

Have pups
Go hunting
Make sure my mate has everything he/she needs
Have my mate pamper me
Go exploring

How many pups do you want to have?

At least two
As many as we can
Pups are too much work, so none
I don't really care

What's one word that describes you?


One of your pups is about to be carried off by a hawk. What do you do?

I give my pup instructions on how to escape
I try to distract the hawk
I try as hard as I can to save it
I finish whatever I'm doing and then save it
I work together with my mate to save it

What would be your dream birthday?

Playing a game with my pups
Relaxing at home
Doing something together as a family
Being pampered at a spa
Breakfast in bed

What's your favorite color?


What's your worst quality?

I'm too immature
I can be too bossy
I can't multitask
I can be too self-centered
I sometimes don't react quickly enough