What disney punk princess are you?

What disney punk princess are you?

This is a really funny quiz, my favourite one is ruponzle because of the pic I uploaded of her! You will know what I mean if u turn out to be her! Enjoy XD

published on December 23, 2012122 responses 28
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IMPORTANT QESTION: If you were lost in the woods with your mates what would you do.

Leave it some one els to sort out?...
Hahah I'd just laugh!
I'd cry my eyes out :'(
I would lead the way, who wouldn't?

What type of hair do you like?

Short duh!
Long and strait but I wish it were: bendy curly
Just long
I really don't mind

Whats your favourite colour?

Multicoloured yayyy!!!!
I don't have one...ha!
Pure black.
I'm just gratefull I've got hair :')

How do you walk?

I jump skip sneak tip toe any thing I can doo! :p
Whats it got to do with this quiz?
Carefully :)

So what earings would you want to have?

Dangley, swayie, noisey
Normal plain studs
Pretty ones :D
Hoooley ones!!!!