What Lord of the Rings character are you?

What Lord of the Rings character are you?

Now I've wanted to know this because I am a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and I can't wait for the new The Hobbit movie!

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If you could interveiw anyone who is alive or dead who would you interveiw?

Your Grandpa
I don't like people

What is your first memory of your bezzie?

The day we met.
I don't know? The day we met I guess.
I remember everyone I meet and I like all of them but, I am busy person I have no time for best friends,
I don't like people

What don't you like about people?

When they are horrible to each other
When they wake me up
When they do really bad stuff
I don't like them at all

What makes a good friend?

When they stay loyal to me
They make me laugh
Those who really care
If they keep promises

Who do you think you'll get?

I don't care
That is why I am taking the quiz.
I like all the characters. They are all wonderful