Are you a good storyteller?

Are you a good storyteller?

This quiz tells u whether u r a good storyteller or not. Can you keep a crowd interested?

published on December 17, 201244 responses 11 2.9★ / 5

What does your future hold?

A job at Asda probably
An accountant/lawyer
I'm traveling to Africa on charity work

What do you like in a man/woman?


What is your proudest moment?

When someone actually believed a lie I told them.
I managed to persuade my friends that I met a ghost
I got a job by telling a story

When in life have you felt most alone?

When I got sent to my room.
My partner left me
When my Grandfather died

Do you have any regrets?

When I lied
When I lost £50
When someone said they hated me for what I really am.

What is your dream job?

An astronaut

How would you like to be remembered?

By saving someones life
By changing the world for good
For going on a dangerous mission for one person that I care about.

Which word interests you most?