What Theme Park Ride Are You

What Theme Park Ride Are You

Ever wanted to know what ride is best for you at a theme park? Ever wanted it to be SIMPLE? Well, here's your chance!!!

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What is your earliest memory?

My Mum breastfeeding me
My first trip to the Hospital
Sitting on the front balcony on my first house.

What is your motto?

It probably sounded better in original German.
Religion is Key
Anticipation of Death is worse than Death itself

Who is the most important person to you?

My partner
My spouse (take a wild guess)
My Mum

Who is the kindest person you've met?

My Grandma again
My pet (OK)
The woman who owns the bakery down the road

Who is your idol?

My Grandma
The boy from Home Alone
Martin Luther King Jr

What was the best moment of your life?

When you found a £1 on the street!
When you went on vacation abroad for the first time.
When you fell in love!

What is your favourite subject?