Who would be your celeb BFF?:)

Who would be your celeb BFF?:)

Ever dreamt of having a celeb BFF? That could be cool! If u had one, who would that be...!? CHECK IT OUT GUYS!!:)

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What do you do with ur BFF usually?? (At school)

Check out some new makeup online, and exchange
your accessories with her!!
Talk about the silliest thing!
Help each other get through exams!

Describe your relationships with ur BFF

Crazy buddies
We never argue
Makeup and clothes buddies
Always argue but eventually we will get back tgt

What's her worst thing?

Cant think of any, duh? haha
Too emotional...perhaps?

What is the most important thing of being ur BFF

Secret keeper!
Crazy enough!
outgoing and fun
Get me through difficulties

What do you do with your BFF during holidays?

Just come over to my house and hang out and
chat...or some silly videos too!
Hang out in the mall
GO ON an adventure!