How Well Do You Know The Outsiders?

How Well Do You Know The Outsiders?

How much do you know about the outsiders? Learn how much you know and maybe a couple facts you didn't know!

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What are the greaser's nicknames?

Darry, Pony, Soda, Johnnycake, Steve, Two-Bit, and Dally
Bobby, Steve, Pony, Soda, Two-Bit, Johnny, Dally, and Darry
Bobby, Steve, Pony, Randy, and David
Davis, Bob, Randy, and Larry

What is Two-Bit Matthews real name?

His name is Two-Bit, check his birth certificate!
His name is Keith.
It's really Matthew!

Did Johnny kill himself like he said he wanted to?

I Don't Care! (shame on you!)
No! (Even more sad!)
Who did what?
Yes! (So sad!)

What do Darrel, Sodapop, and Ponyboy eat and drink for breakfast?

Sodapop and Ponyboy don't eat breakfast, they smoke, but they do drink chocolate milk. Darrel eats chocolate cake and drinks chocolate milk
They all eat Chocolate cake. Sodapop and Ponyboy drink chocolate milk, but Darrel drinks coffee
Who are we talking about?
They all smoke and drink alcohal

Who's name did Dallas call before he died?

Who died?

Who are Cherry and Marcia's boyfriends?

Cherry's: Randy
Marcia's: Bob
Cherry's: Bob
Marcia's: Randy
Cherry's: Larry
Marcia's: David
Don't know, don't care...

What did Ponyboy say reminded him of Johnny?

A dark, scared little kitten
A big, scary owl
A crumpled, dark, sad little puppy

What type of car were the Socs' in that beat up Johnny and Ponyboy?

A green volvo
A blue mustang
A red mini-van
i don't even know how to pronounce Socs'!

What did Johnny say to Ponyboy that were also his last words?

"Tell Dally to look at a sunset, I don't think he ever has before"
"Sometimes I think I might just kill myself or somethin' "
"Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold"
Who's last words?

Why did Dallas rob a store at the end?

He wanted money
Who would rob a store?!
He was upset about Johnny
He liked doing illegal stuff