are you a good freind?

are you a good freind?

this quiz tell you if you are a good freind or not. if your not a good freind soon you might not have any freinds to be a good freind to.

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At school you promise to go to the beach with your freind as she has been waiting for weeks; and then when you get home your dad tells you that he got you a ticket to go to a concert of your favourite band on the same day. What do you do?

Go with your freind you can always see them some other time
Who are you kidding who cares about your freind she can wait go to the concert i just wont tell her
tell her your going to the concert and go with her the next day

your boyfreind said that he would go shopping with you but he is half an hour late what do you do?

walk off and dump him - who does that to their girlfreind
ring him to ask him why he is late - he has probebly got a good explenation
have a massive row and then say sorry - he doesnt get off easily but i forgive him

You and your freind are upset and you want to talk about it but she is to upset to listen to your problems What do you do?

Listen to her and cheer her up - then she might have time for you
Stop being freinds with her - If she wont listen to me whats the point of us being freinds.
Wait until you are both happy again then talk

You and your freind are looking after the school hamster You open the cage to feed it and it escapes what do you tell your teacher?

Blame it on your freind - she'll forgive you
Take the blame - it was your falt you were the one who opened the cage
Say you both did it - it was both your responcibility took look after it.

your freind invited you to her party but you dont want to go
what do you do?

Go anyway - she's your freind you cant let her down
Dont go - If i dont want to go why should I if i dont tell her it doesnt matter
Dont go - Tell her that your sick she'll never know