What branch of animal are you?

What branch of animal are you?

Ever wonder what kind of animal you'd be if you became one? Take this quiz and check.

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How would you describe yourself in general? Keep in mind both your positive traits and your negative traits.

How would you describe yourself in general? Keep in mind both your positive traits and your negative traits.
Brave, fearless, realistic.
Vain, helpful, introverted.
Lively, worrisome, extroverted.
Intelligent, manipulative, possessive.
Optimistic, unrealistic, generous.

If you were a superhero---or could become one---what superpower would you choose? All powers come with consequences, as well, remember.

No doubt you'd choose timetravel---that way, you'd be able to go back three days ago, when you ignorantly embarrassed yourself in front of your friends...you definitely won't let that happen to you again. Will you risk a rift in the space-time fabric, though?
Flying is definitely the way to go, no doubt! With this amazing power, you'd be able to rescue all kinds of people, and help all sorts of others. It's fool-proof! Generally. However, there's always a catch...when is there not? Make sure to learn how to break, or you'll be saving yourself.
Shape-shifting! No one will even TRY to mess with you when you can become all different species of animals---and inanimate objects! You could scare the wits out of people with this... Don't take it too far, however. Not everyone appreciates pranks, you know.
If you could control other's emotions and physical movements, wouldn't that be interesting...? You don't want to destroy everyone's lives by messing it up, but it'd be interesting to see what you can make people do with your power...for a few moments...or days...at least.
Maybe you could spread happiness through out the land! Just kidding. But, if you could make someone fall in love with you at will, wouldn't that be something? What would you attempt to try? Make your crush fall desperately head-over-heels for you...? Or make someone else love a different one?

Believe it or not, you won tickets to see a band...of your choice, no less! When does this ever happen? So, what band will you see? Make sure to choose carefully---once you make your decision, that's it, no turning back.

Some kind of heavy rock-metal band, of course. It's interesting, it's pretty retro, and there's nothing better than rock n' roll.
Dubstep, dubstep, dubstep! Don't make me say it again! Seeing a dubstep band---or any kind of electronica kind of music---would just make your day...no, your entire life! Imagine that! An entire day full of awesome party music! Get your dancing shoes on, we're heading out!
Nice classical music is all you've got your groove on for, really. It's calming, it's peaceful, nothing bad or shocking can come out of some good violin playing, or flute playing. Some jazz music might be a nice twist, too. Just anything without loud vibes to it.
You've always been a big fan of country, with those interesting lyrics that always seem to make sense, and the flowing music being doled out by the always nice-to-hear acoustic guitar, with the promise of a love twist in the song. You can't explain it, but country always gets you moving!
No matter what others say, pop is the way to go, you believe. It's always fun to dance to, sing to, and just go all crazy on. Others might not appreciate it the way you do, but that doesn't really matter...to you, at least. Some might make fun of it, others might love it...but you'll always know where you stand!

One of your relatives is off to war, and you're not sure if they're coming back or not...it's a terrible feeling to have, and you think it's even worse on the other end of the string. What should you do?

Do what any "normal" person would do---throw a going-away party for your family member! After all, who doesn't like a good party, and what better way to say "Good luck!" than with some cake and a room full of balloons?
However much you believe you should step away from this entire thing, there's nothing you can do to stop your emotions, and all you do is stand back and watch as your relative leaves...maybe even for good. What else can you do?
Hope is inevitable at this point, you believe---no matter what you do, fate can't be avoided, and sooner or later, death will come to us all...some just go out with more dignity and bravery than others. You give your relative some friendly words, and they're on their way.
You can't help but believe---hope, even---that, whatever happens, your family member will return. After all, they're family, and families can't just leave one another without a good reason to, right? All that's exchanged is a hug---but that's enough.
Certainly, if you could, you'd be beside your relative the entire time the war is going on, but you can't, and you're stuck here with your other family members. A salute is one of the things given to your brave soldier, and a lighthearted conversation.

You've been working on a project for work/school for a while now, and just as you're rushing out the door with it, you trip on something and everything you're holding goes flying!

What do you think you'd do?

That's easy! Get to work on a new one! You may not have time, but perhaps your boss/teacher would understand, but, if not, there's always next time, right?
Darn it! You'd spent so much time on that, too... All of your hard work...down the drain... You don't think you could even bear to think of starting again...
It's all right! Smile, be happy! There's always tomorrow, and besides, your boss/teacher is certain to understand what happened! Yeah!
The reality of the situation hits you hard, like a red brick, and you have a few minutes to yourself to think about what to do. Could you whip up a new one in a matter of minutes, or will you have to go without?
After all that you'd done to that project, everything you'd worked for---so certain you'd get a good review on it---suddenly gone. You have to say to yourself, though...it's just a project, not the end of my life.