Ellas Personality Quiz

Ellas Personality Quiz

Personality quiz Personality quizPersonality quizPersonality quizPersonality quizPersonality quizPersonality quiz

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A boy tells you that your pretty.

You scowl and walk away.
you ask him why does he technically find you pretty, and how did he figure it out.
your too busy playing subway surfers to notice
You tell him that hes not pretty
you accept the compliment stay around and flirt for a while

Do you have lots of friends?

No i have a small group of friends that often bickers
No i have a small group of friends and we all love each other equally
i have a medium group of friends but we all take the hardest subjects to get good grades
I have TONS of friends were kinda the kids who have fun, and were the gossip girls
no i have 1 or 2 friends we mostly just play on the computer together though

If you knew you'd die tomorrow, how would you spend your last day?

Spending time with loved ones
Making sure your will is written and your funeral is planned
Crying a lot probably
Fulfilling a lifelong dream
Having as much fun as possible
Learning as much about the world as possible

Your driving on a two hour drive to the country and your car gets stuck for twenty minuts at least, what is your response

I yell at my parents, and tell them to go faster
I look out the window and admire nature
i dont even notice, im watching the TV
I count the minutes until we move
i sit there and sulk

What sort of movie do you prefer to watch?

Historical biopics
Spy thrillers
Slapstick comedy
Independent Films