What nature terrain are you?

What nature terrain are you?

What nature terrain are you the most like? Figure out by taking this quiz! Have fun!

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What is your favourite season?

I can't decide!

Do you spend lots of time in or outside?

I am indoors most of the time...
Half and half!
I am inside when it is too warm or cold outside!
I am outside most of the time but I still stay inside for a little bit.
It depends what season it is...

What colour do you think describes you the most?

Yellow! I am always happy!
Blue! I am always calm!
Red! I am always outgoing!
Green! I am very kind!
Purple! I am very creative!

What is your hobby?

Drawing and reading!
Listening to music!
Playing games!
i dunno.....

What type of music is your favourite?

Pop! Anything happy and jumpy!
Sad music.. Wait is that a type of music?
Classical! It is very relaxing!
Anything good...I like multiple types of music....

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Go through walls!
Super strength!
Super fast!
Any power huh... The power to eat unlimited candy! :3

What subject are you best at?

Lunch! Wait is that a subject...