What touhou character are you?

What touhou character are you?

figure out what touhou character you are by taking this quiz! Have fun!

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What do you do in your free time?

Read manga!
Just sit around and drink herbal tea!
Spin around in circles until I throw up!
Enjoy doing my job!
Creep people out!
Tell people what to do!
Go on epic adventures!

What is your favourite colour?

Any dark colour!
Rainbow! I can't chose just one colour out of
them all!

What is 1 + 1?

Ummm 2? Why do you ask?
I have no time for this....
Aww do I have to answer this question...
Gimme a harder question I am not in
Math is a waste of time!
1 + 1......9! I got it yayayay!!!

What is your favourite food/drink?

Anything I can find.
Anything good.
I only eat when my master commands me to.
Anything red...

If you could decide where you could live where would you live?

Candy land!!
A shrine!
Anywhere but my room!
Anywhere where my master is.
A place where only I can go!
In a haunted mansion!
In a library.

What is your most prized possession?

The tea cup I won in the fastest tea drinking
Master spark!
My teddy bear!
My knife collection!
My smarie ness!
My wings!

If you could do only 1 with what would you wish for?

Peace and quiet.
A never ending epic adventure!
I wish I could lick my elbow!
A exclusive copy of my favourite manga!
For my master to be happy!
A sun hat!
A bigger umbrella!

What is your favourite animal?

A cat!
Any animal that my master would like!
An animal that does not make any noise,
feeds and cleans it self.
An animal like a dog that will be always there
with me!
An owl.
An unicorn!
A nocturnal animal!