Does he like you <3 accurate

Does he like you <3 accurate

I promise i have made this quiz as specific and accurate as possible please do it if you didnt like it im so sorry and tell me in the comments :))

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You smile at him, he:

Smiles happily back
Looks confused
He doesnt see you

Your teacher pairs you up as partners for a task, how would he react?

He seems happy
He smiles
He rolls his eyes
He wouldnt care
He gives me a hug

Do you know what colour his eyes are?

Yesss <3 they are beautiful
Its eiether --- or ---
I have no idea
I dont care about his eyes

When you guys talk where does he look??

Into my eyes
At other girls

Does he know you like him?

No im too shy
Yepp i told him
Yes my friend told him
No i dont want to

Have you ever held hands or hugged or kissed

Yess,alot its magical
I wishh
No ew

Does he listen to you???

Yess all the time
Whenever he wants to i guess
No never

How often do you find him staring at you

Most of the time at school
Very rarely

What does he talk to you about

Relastionships and our future together
Our holidays