What color are you? (#2)

What color are you? (#2)

I know I've already made three of these quizzes, but I just want to make another one. Sorry if you think I'm spamming or whatever!

published on May 28, 201514 responses 1
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Let's start this out easy. Okay. *takes a deep breath* We all have two reputations - a good one and a bad one. What's your bad one?

The bully
The annoying person
The know-it-all
The tree-hugger
(Me: That's not a bad thing, but some people think it is.)
The crybaby
(Me: Again, that's not a bad thing, but some people are mean, okay?)
The "war is not the answer" advocate
(Me: Once again, not a bad thing.)
The romantic one

Now, what's your good reputation? Don't be afraid to brag; we all need to boast sometimes. (Although we should do it in a non-hurtful way.)

The star athlete
The class clown
The genius
The sweet one
The helpful one
The peace-restorer
The lovey-dovey one

What animal most accurately describes your personality?

Puppy dog

What gets on your nerves? (Like, what do you really, really hate? What do you rant about all the time? Don't worry; no one can see who votes what.)

Wimpy people
Dumb, idiotic morons
War or fights
When someone breaks up with me

What do you absolutely love? (Like, what do you love so much that you must tell everyone about?)

Power or victory
Making people laugh
Learning something new
Taking a stand on something
When someone is really nice
Random acts of kindness
Getting a new boyfriend/girlfriend

What is your dream job?

An athlete
A clown
A teacher or scientist
A veterinarian
A psychologist
An equal-rights activist
A husband/wife! I want to get married!

What do you think is wrong about the world today?

People are too cowardly
Everyone is too boring
People are stupid
It's polluted and littered
People are too mean
There are too many wars
We don't love each other

What do you like most?

When someone understands me

What qualities do you want your significant other to have?

I want them to be brave, intense, and passionate
I want them to be optimistic and cheerful
I want them to be smart and curious
I want them to be caring and generous
I want them to be understanding and sympathetic
I want them to be peaceful and loving
I want them to be romantic and not needy

What do you wish to achieve in life?

I wish to have power
I wish to be remembered in a good way
I wish to gain infinite wisdom
I wish to make a good difference in the world
I wish to help someone
I wish to cause world peace
I wish to have a partner who is faithful to the end of his/her life

What would be your dream vacation?

Seeing a sports game with front row seats
Watching a funny play or movie
Visiting historical places
Volunteering at an animal shelter
Being alone in the forest to just read
Relaxing on the beach
Having romantic day in Paris

What famous person would you most want to meet? (Sorry if most of them are old-fashioned dead people. I'm not that good with "popular" celebrities.)

Jackie Robinson
Robin Williams
Albert Einstein
Rosa Parks
Abraham Lincoln
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Harry Styles

What do you think is your worst quality? (No need to be embarrassed; no one can see what Qfeasters picked certain answers.)

I can be too mean sometimes
I'm very loud
I act like a know-it-all or smart aleck sometimes
I rarely stand up for myself
I'm incredibly gullible
I'm too timid
I get into relationships too easily

I want to end this on a good note, so... what's your best quality?

I'm determined
I always look on the bright side of things
I can stay calm in the most stressful situations
I help anyone who is in need
I can make anyone feel better
I rarely start an argument
I give people second chances