Are you cray cray or normal?

Me and my cousin, Lily, are probably cray. most of you may be normal-unlike us.

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What do you do in your free time?

Dance around like a maniac
read, study, etc.
depends on if i have a test or not
none of the above

Would you dress your dog or cat u as a reindeer or St. Nicholas for Christmas?

Yes. they would be so cute! :3
Nah, she/he is perfect the way they are
I would for a bit

Do you act Crazy or normal mostly?

I think I act normal
sometmes 1 sometimes the other
none of the above

Teacher: okay, let's do something fun today

You: What're we gonna do? What are we gonna do? WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO? TELL ME!
M, okay, what we gonna do?
m,What're we gonna do? What are we gonna do? WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO? TELL ME!
i don;t understand english

Your sister comes into the room, she want to play dolls with you. What do you do?

Say "Okay!" and make the doll do crazy things.
"sure" plays dolls as if they were kid and mom
Say "Okay!" and make the doll do crazy things. But then you just play house
i don't have a sister. me:just pretend"

Your best friend (Aly) comes over

Aly: what you wanna do? asks Aly as you do a side ariel out of nowhere
Aly: what you wanna do? You: Lets do ________________________
Aly:How about we ___________
You just tell her as you do a side ariel
I don't have friends so IDK

Your having your traditional Christmas party and what do you do there?

Oh, me? I hang around the snacks and eat all the sweets
I'm batman
Jump off a stage there into your cousin's arms
play with friends and talk to family

your dog starts barking at you.

I bark back
I tell my dog to- "SHUT UP! SPOT!"
Ignore him/her

Mom and Dad set up for Christmas and your making a quiz eavesdropping on your sister and them. your dog sneezes and you have nothing to do, so you go on the couch and pet your dog. All of a sudden, you see a unicorn...

I say out loud "MOM! A UNICORN!"
I run up and pet the unicorn, then i'd fall asleep on it.
Go downstairs and start eating potato chips on the couch and feeding some to the unicorn
Show mom &dad the unicorn

Your dog comes running up to you and you hear it talk your language. what would it say?

I'm a chicken! I'm a duck! So I shake my butt!
Can I have some Ice Cream?
Pet me, please