What type of person you are ;)

What type of person you are ;)

Please don't be offend if you don't like what you come out with. I hope you like it enjoy !! ;). P.S please rate and comment so I know what to improve for my next one and why not check out my other ones xoxo

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If there were a disco at your mates house and they invited you over what would you say...

" yeah, of course! "
" no way to much for me..."
"yes if thats okai?"
"Totally yes!"
" mabey..."

Your crush just asked you out, you reply...

" omg! , yes my dream has come true!"
" definatly "
" If he/she doesn't mined "
" yeah, but, erm.."
"Well okai?"

You are told by your mum/dad to go get some milk from the shop, as you walk you see a poor liitle girl crying for her mum who has a serious ingry and is not able to talk, do you offer your £2?

Yes of course!
Yeah why not?
If she will acsept it?
Erm... What do I say
I don't speak to strangers

An old lady holds the door open for you with her shaky hands on what do you reply with?

Thankyou so much!
You are very heplfuf

You see you fraviourt celeb walk past you, what do u do?

Scream i love you
Wow I can't belive she's even in our town!