Find Out What's Your Style!

Find Out What's Your Style!

Wanna know how you look to other people? Wanna find out your style? Toltally understandable. Take this in depth quiz to find out!

published on November 20, 201261 responses 13
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What table do you sit at, at lunch?

What table do you sit at, at lunch?
The popular table with everyone else like me!
Wherever my friends are sitting!
At the jock table
Whatever table I feel like sitting at!
With all the kids that other people at my school would say are "shady characters"

Your boyfriend...

Your boyfriend...
What Boyfriend? I don't need one, I'm foot lose, and fancy free!
Is the most popular guy in school!
Has well, alot of piercings... black hair. sort of a trouble maker.
I can beat him in basketball, and any other sport he plays!
My BF is the best! We don't care what others think about us.

You get up for school at...

You get up for school at...
Please! When i bother to show up for scholl, i get there at like, 8:30
7:00- All i have to do is put on some clothes, and put my hair up
5:30- i have alot to do
When I go to school, I get there whenever I want.
6:43- Its pretty original, isn't it?

What colours do you prefer out of these?

What colours do you prefer out of these?
Something dark and mysterious. Black, dark purple, dark blue, dark anything.
Navy or a bright red- its the colours of my school
Anything bright like orange, yellow, bright red, lime green- they're party colours!
Deep purples, blues, bright colours, stripes- you know, I'm versatile, i have to be!
Pink, turquise, royal blues- they're the bling colours!

Your ideal outfit is...

Your ideal outfit is...
A teeshirt and sweats with some tennishoes
A black tee shirt with my fave band on it, black skinny jeans, and some converse.
Some kind of graphic tee, or a puffy, comfortable shirt with some reeboks and any kind of pants. baisicly whatever I can get my hands on.
A pastel pink halter top, a short jean skirt (with embelishment, of course), some Mary Jane encrusted shoes, and a shiny Coach bag!
I guess something thats in my closet... You know, like something bright with lots of patterns!

After school, you can be seen...

Hanging out with my friends!
At my sports team practice!
Getting my nails done!
Doing what ever I feel like doing at the moment!

What does your hair look like most days?

What does your hair look like most days?
Big, and beautiful. It looks likes the the image to the right!
Sometimes I curl it. Smetimes I make it pin straight, but it always looks amazing!
A sleek pony tail.
Whatever it looks like when I wake up in the morning.
Whatever I want it to look like that day!

What pattern do you like the most out of these?

Polka-doted stripes. there's something you dont see everyday!
I don't know. None of them.
IDK. A solid or something. Doesn't really matter.
Stripes. No, Polka-dots. No, cheeta. No, IDK!

The song that could describe you the most would be...

The song that could describe you the most would be...
"Loser Like Me" by The Cast of Glee
"We are who we are" by Ke$ha
"Born this way" by Lady Gaga
"Glamourous" by Fergie
"Are you ready for this" you know, that sports song?

You wouldn't be caught dead...

You wouldn't be caught dead...
Reading a fashion magazine- Yeah, what a waste of time. Everyone knows you'll never look like the girls in there.
I think we both know there's nothing I won't do!
Playing sports- I would just embarrass myself!
Wearing a tie dye shirt! UGGHH!!!
Doing extra credit homework- Kill me now!

The celeb you admire the most is...

The celeb you admire the most is...
Emma Watson or Taylor Swift- they are so classy and pretty
Linsay Lohan or The Greenday Guys- they're edgy and mysterious like me.
Ke$ha or Britney Spears- their music and fashion just speak to me
Johnny Depp or Lady Gaga- they're so unique and different
Kristen Stewart or anyone else like her- she's a tomboy, but she can also look good, you know?