who are you (2)

who are you (2)

have you ever wondered who you are inside, are you kind caring, or maybe helpful and calm, take this quiz and see

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your friend is stuck on a question, what do you do?

tell her the answer, you dont know how to say without telling
tell her too run round abit it clears your mind and lets you think better
you tell her her a joke and tell not to worry its not the end of the world
you know how she thinks and tell her the answer in a way she understands

what do you most like about yourself?

your love for sport
your amazing sense of humour
that your the kindest person you know
your brilliant spelling memory

its rainy day and your bored, what do you do?

go outside and get active who care if its raining
read a book
you phone your friends to see if they are ok
invite your freinds over for a funny movie

your at a sleepover and things are looking glum, what do you do?

you start to tidy the room maybe someone will join in
you do a funny dance - lets get this party started
you pull every one outside to get moving
nothing you don't want takeover stuff you just smile

your friend is upset, what do you do?

you go and tell a joke hoping to make her laugh
you ask her whats wrong and comfort her
you go grab a tissue and try and take her mind of it
grab her arm and pull her round, sport makes you feel better why not try on her

whats the best thing that ever happened to you?

when you took part in 100m sprint
when you went to the coolest themepark around
when your friend invited you round for the first time
when you went on a educational school trip to china

whats your idea of fun

playing outside with family and friends
playing board games
write sweet songs/stories
making friends laugh