What Adventure Time Character Are You? (1)

What Adventure Time Character Are You? (1)

Do you ever wonder which character you would be if you were on adventure time? take this quiz to find out!!!

published on November 12, 201290 responses 23
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What is your favorite color???

white or blue
yellow or orange
pink or purple
i love blue
black or red

what do you like to do most out of these things???

yoga and meditation
go shopping
nothing because im so lonely
play guitar
help people

what is your most favorite food out of these six???

i dont really eat i mostly chew gum
anything cold
anything red

which of these quotes reminds you most about you???

I soiled my tunic!
Im going to kill you!
oooh shiny!
come on we are going on an adventure!!!
dude i dont think this is safe.
Go do this for me asap

what would you do if someone hurt your feelings?

Im going to suck all the blood out of your body you little brat!
why you do that sweet heart i thought we were friends.
I have a sword and I'm not afraid to use it!
Chill out man your making me made dude.
I cant believe you would do that to me!
Your going down buddy!