What Kind of Villain r u?

What Kind of Villain r u?

To every hero in a story there is a villan what kind of Villain are you?

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Someone just bumped into you on porpose and never said sorry. So you....

Blow him up.
Make him... "disapper" >:) haha forever.
Put a choke hold on him till he's he is sorry.
Sell him a product of mine that will soon ruin his life.
enslave his mind
Just keep on wlaking this little piece of trash isn't worth my time i have bigger fish to fry.

How would you bring down you arch enemy

Find a way to gain his trust and then poison him
A knife, or you know what ever works. O_O
Sneak attack seems fun.
get one of my henchmen to take care of the dirty work.
Use the person they love the most against him.
Find there weeknesses and use it against them.

Do you have a secert lair?

Yes, it's behind a book shelf and then there is a lab with a bunch of deadly weapons.
hehe >:) it's where all my troubles began.
yep it's in an abandoned warehouse.
it's behind my office.
Its underground somewhere and you'll never find it.
Yes i do, but i'm not telling you its a secert for a reason.

do you have any henchmen?

only little creatures that i made.
Not really. people are scarred of me
Yea, my homies they have my back. You mess with one of us you mess with all of us.
Only those below me. In my line of work. They are mostly dumb, but they have muscle
Yes and they are loyal to me because they fear me and they know what i'll do to them if they cross me.
No there is no one you can trust in this line of work.

Which sounds the best for taking over the world?

The world bowing down to me or else i blow them up.
No one else, but me is left.
taking over the world. ok that does sound fun so i guess a bunch of messed up cars, people confused, and fire hidrens exploding.
everyone has bought my line of hats that control their minds.
Everyone bowing down me and handing me alot of money as they cower in fear just by the sound of my name, and no one will be powerful enough to stop me.
Everyone that has ever hurt is destroied and then everyone else bowing down to me. Those that try and stop me i will destroy them as well.