What KInd of Fruit r u? :3

What KInd of Fruit r u? :3

This quiz was a little hard to make, but then again not that hard. So anyway this quiz tell u want fruit u would based on ur peronality. soooo yea basically it.

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Ok -.- ik this question is old, but what is your favoret color?

Blue, because it reminds me of the ocean.
ANDY SIXX! or you know.... Black.
Red, the color of passion.
MY FACE! ;3.
CANDY!.... and pink.

How do you feel about candy?

it's cool bro.
Candy is Yummy, but it shortens your life depending on how much you eat.
CANDY! O.O Sugarrr :P.
perfect for romance <3.
I need to keep my figure, but once and a while I have a piece.
Candy is SOOOO cute :3 :P.

What would you bring to a party?

Dark poetry and maybe some music.
that guy that tried to steal my wallet. :D
my sexy bf/or Gf. <3
My sexy self. ;3
Pizza,ice cream,.... and CANDY!

U R at a party and so far no one is having fun. So you...

Put on some good music, turn up the volume, and start dancing. "Party rock is in the house tonight!"
"this party is going no where might as well leave"
try and kick down every door in the building or if your not in a building scream in someones face.
leave with my bf/or gf
U start to sing " hey i just met u..."
" CANDY!" :3

Someone just took your wallet. What do you do?

It's cool giving to Charity. :)
Follow that guy and then once he stps running face him, curse him out, and take out your hidden gun.
Get on your Motorcycle, follow that guy, then when he stops running, face him, Knee him(where it hurts the most) and run.
Go to the police! Duh!
If your a boy; tell your gf that you "got this"
If your a girl; make your bf get it back.