Would we be a great couple? (2)

Would we be a great couple? (2)

Take this quiz to see if we would be a great couple or not. Hope u enjoy.

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Would you mind if I was Emo?

No of course not... why should I?
Nope. Im Emo as well ;)
ummmm I don't really like Emo people...

are you emo?

Yes im emo
no nothing close to that
no but im goth
No im scene
No im punk

Whats ur faverit bands?

asking alexandria ,dope ,blink182 ,linkin park, etc
blood on the dance floor, medic driod, etc
Justin bieber, black eye peas, hip hop, rap, etc

What Do you like in a girl?

fun, crazy, energetic, full of spunk.
someone who likes reading or always wants to be with me.
someone who can understand me

I like creating my own languages.... would you join me? :D

fo esruoc I lliw. :)
ummm no we have plenty of languges.
ummm well is it difficult?

Where would you like are first kiss to be?

At the movies
At the park
At your house
At a amusement park

Do you believe in god?

yes and no... i mean who created god?
Yes and if you dont then ur a bad person

How old are you?

19 or older
13 or yonger

are you a judgmental person?