What word most describes you?

What word most describes you?

A fun simple quiz finding out what word or words describes you the most

published on October 27, 201252 responses 11 4.6★ / 5

What do you do on weekends?

Do Homework
Improve comedy
Practice different faces in front of a mirror
Sit on your bed and read

What do you do at recess?

Sit in a shady spot and read
Put on a play
Make people laugh
Do homework
Run around screaming

If your teacher asked you to rate yourself, what would you do?

Thumps up
Whisper "good"
Jazz hands
Rockstar hands
Yell "WHOO-HOO!!!"

What book sounds most likely for you to read?

Riddles and jokes
Brain Freeze!:Math Slap
How To Hide
Crying on Command
Craziness 101

What are you most like?

A Jokester
A fun, smart person
A shy person
A dramatic person
A crazy person