Which Sonic Male Character Will Fall For You?

Which Sonic Male Character Will Fall For You?

Me:Heyy Everybody here's my very first quiz i made :) hope you enjoy it :)

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Your Walking Home From A Busy Day Of School...A Blue Blur Ran right into you! (You 0_0) Your paper's and books fall to the floor."Oh Opps I'm Sorry" You look up to see an Someone in front of you stareing back at you. "who are you?" you say back "opps i forgot to introduce myself" He bows "i'm Sonic the hedgehog" he reaches his hand out to you

*You take his hand *blush*
*I can get up myself*
*thankyou for being helping me up*
*ignores his help*

sonic picks up ur books and stuff etc. "hey will you like to see the rest of the gang?" he grabs ur hand. "wait"! you shout! sonic looks at you "where are they at"? "plus i don't even know you!" "ha,if your worrying about ur family they won't even notice ur gone :)" "huh how?" you question "time here is stoped when u visit my world" He picks you up"grab on tight" "HEYYY WAIT"

*sure you grab on tightly *blush*
*ignores his question*
ok kool
nice ok
..sure whatever...

He picks you up in a bride maid way and pulls out a chaos emerald "CHAOS CONTROL" he shouts! a portal appears and as you take one more glimps of you world he jumps in.*you think in you head ___"

*yes he's holding me *Blush*
*ewww no, i didn't even said if i wanted to go KIDNAPER"
"ha whatever"
*thinks of the posiblilaties of him droping you*
*aww thanks*

sonic lands into a new world with you in his arms and softly puts you on the floor.you see lusious tree's and green green grass! "hey ___ there the guys over there" he points his fingur. you see a group of people or animals down the hill. sonic ran grabs your arm and leads you to them

*yes! *bush*
*please let me go*

You made it to the group to see there all animals. "this is blaze" sonic points to a cat "this is cream and cheese"he points to a rabbit and a little thing. "this is vector,charmy,and espio" he points to a crocodile,a bee, and a cameleon. "and last but no least shadow,silver,and knuckles" a black hedgehog,a white hedgehog,and a red enchida looks at you . you respond a hi to all of them like ___

*heyy i'm ___
*ignores them all* shadow looks at you intenally
*hey everyone i'm ___ nice to meet you*
ya hey whatever
hii *embarssed by all the animals stareing at you*

"who will like to show her around" says blaze "I WILL" said sonic,silver,knuckles,tails,and even shadow!..."hmmm what about you all show her around" said blaze. Blaze looked at silver with anger in her eyes "how can you pick her" and ran off "umm whats wrong with her?" you asked "don't worry about blaze right now she'll get better in no time,but lets get back to showing you around huh :)"said sonic winking at you. shadow and the rest of the boys saw him eyeing him with jealously

*hehee he winked at me *blush and smiles*
ugh don't wink at me
says nothing

Well thats all for today come back for part Two comeing soon :) hope you enjoyed it

hey i like it
rrrr just stutup *me:0_0*
ok i'll wait