What animal are you? (#2)

What animal are you? (#2)

I know, I know... I already made one of these. But I wanted to make a new one, with all new personality options!

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Okay, I'll get this over with.. please don't kill me, but: What color describes you best?


What most accurately describes your room?

It's painted a dark color and is somewhat gloomy. Posters of dangerous animals hang on my walls. I have a
It's painted gold, and my furniture is dark brown. It looks mature and elegant. I always keep it clean.
It is messy and painted green. My curtains and bedspread have crazy designs on them. I haven't cleaned it in
It is very bright and painted yellow. The window lets in a lot of light. It's somewhat clean.
It's calming and quiet. The walls are purple, blue, or green. My furniture is bamboo and I have potted plants on my
It's bright and very neon and rainbow. I have a TV in one corner. It is also trendy.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Relax or eat
Watch over my kingdom
Climb trees, run around, and play sports
Play music or sing
Read, write, or draw
Talk to or play with my friends

What's your favorite food?

I like almost all food
Nuts, fruit, or exotic foods
Seeds, nuts, or bread
Fish or milk

What is your best quality?

My confidence
My authority
My energy
My optimism
How respectful I am
My sociability

Where would you most like to live?

A cool hut near the water on a tropical island
On an African plain
Somewhere near a gym
In the suburbs, with lots of other people
A pleasant cottage on the countryside
A relaxing beach house

What would you most like to add to your room?

A wall-to-wall fish tank
A trophy case
A harp
Potted plants
A flat-screen TV

Describe yourself in one word.


What does your mom/dad/guardian get mad at you about most?

I'm mean and disrespectful
I'm bossy
I'm wild and crazy
I get distracted easily
I get scared easily
I always want to spend time with my friends rather than spend time with my family

What sport would you prefer?

Track or cross-country
Rock-climbing, fencing, or soccer
Skydiving, bungee-jumping, or parachuting
Sports aren't my thing