Which animal are you?

Which animal are you?

I can tell you which animal is you! This is for girls and boys. This quiz is fun, happy and uplifting! Enjoy!

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Are you good at sneeking up on people?

Yeah! Its easy once you know how!
If there bigger, No.
If it was bigger or my size, no. If it was smaller, yes.
I dont sneek up on people...

Where would you like to live?

The arctic!
In a wood somewhere...
In a jungle..
In a cosy home!

Do you sometimes be quite "mean" to your friends...In a jokey way..

No, anyway I dont feel I need friends ALL the time, I have me, myself and I.
Maybe, only If I know there ok with that.
NO! Its mean and horrible....Why would you do that? Its practicly BULLYING.
Oh yeah! I think they get it. I sometimes say "Hey Idiot," and stuff like that. No Biggy.

Do you like meeting somebody with a different persanalty?

NO! I would like someone like myself...
Yeah...I guess...But I dont really like to meet people anyway...
Yeah! The more the merrier!
No thank you.

If someone askedyou to be a leader of a group, would you?

No thanks, I am more a follower...
Nahhh....Too much responsibilty..Keep your head down low.
Yeah!! I would make it a bit more exiting! Why not, you only live once!
It depends.. Maybe if it was easy, if it was hard I could maybe be a co-leader.

Do you hang around loads of friends?

Yep! I love traveling together!
I might go around with a friend, but sometimes I dont want too..
I wound only travel with ONE loyal best friend.
Nope! All by my self, to think about life and just to get my head straight.