What is your super power? (please comment, i'm curious)

What is your super power? (please comment, i'm curious)

Have you ever wondered what your super power would be? well take this quiz to find out, and i know that the picture is ugly

published on April 06, 201627 responses 8 2.0★ / 5

Do you feel anything when you get hit?

i've never gotten hit before i'm to fast
no i'm usualy out of the way before i do get hit, almost like i teleported
yes i've been hit by cars but i never feel a thing
i've never goten hit usualy whatevers going to hit me catches on fire before it does

have you evermade someone do something you want them to so against their will?

yes but they saw my flaming hand
i just show off my strength and they do it
i show them my speed and they do it

have you ever found your self floating?

yes but i was on fire

have fire's ever apear randomly around you for no reason?

yes, and when i'm around bon fires everyone says it's hot but it feels cold to me, and it feels like i control the
yes but it has from the friction of my feet on the carpet

How strong are you?

i can lift cars easily and i don't even work out
i'm like a pro wresler
no but i'm a fast puncher
idk when ever i get into a fight i suddenly find myself in a different place
i'm not strong at all but when ever i get into a fight i can predict my enemies moves
i don't feel a thing whenever i'm hit

do you here voices in your head?

yes but i have mpd

Are you a fast runner?

yes, i can run 3 in 2 mins
yes, very fast
Faster than everyone in my state
yea ī take very long strides and it feels like i'm floating
i can go across the world without moving in 0 seconds flat

How fast do you get ready in the morning

you:why should i tell you, creep
me: ok i already know anyway
2-5 mins
6-9 mins
10-13 mins
14-17 mins
18-21 mins
22-25 mins

have you ever unleashed a shock wave of energy?

yes it was right after i got hit a bunch