What kind of Minecrafter are you? (1)

What kind of Minecrafter are you? (1)

What is your Minecraft personality? Are you a miner, chef, housewife, farmer, electrician, witch, or builder? Take this quiz to find out!

published on April 28, 201533 responses 10
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You've just started in your Minecraft world. What do you do?

I craft a pickaxe and begin mining.
I get some wheat so I can make bread.
I pick some flowers and make a small garden.
I start growing some wheat.
I craft a pickaxe and get some redstone.
I go out and kill some mobs for experience.
I get started on building a shelter.

What do you do when you mine?

I carefully descend, mining every ore I see, no matter how much I have of it.
I make sure I have a good supply of food before heading down.
I make chests, periodically, on the way down, and label them - one for coal, one for diamonds...
I don't mine. I focus on my farms.
I go right down, ignoring everything except for coal and redstone.
I only mine ores that will give me experience, and I kill every mob I come across - for experience.
I start a mine, then I build a small shelter in it, just in case. Then I go to another spot in the world, start a mine, and
build a shelter. I keep doing this until my shelters are spread systematically all over the world.

What's your favorite Minecraft mob?

Cow, sheep, pig, or chicken
Probably a spider
Witch, or any mob that is in the nether
Tamed ocelots (cats)

What most annoys you in Minecraft?

When I come across lava pools or cobwebs in a mine
When I start getting hungry but I don't have any food
When someone messes up my system for organizing chests
When things take particularly long to grow
When I can't figure out how to complete a redstone circuit
When I die and lose all my experience
When something I build gets destroyed

What makes you happy in Minecraft?

When I come across a really rare ore
When I see that we have a lot of food stocked up
When my chests are all organized
When I finally finish harvesting all of my crops
When I make a really cool redstone mechanism
When I get super good enchantments on an item
When I finish building something I've been working on for a long time

What Minecraft-related question is someone most likely to ask you?

"Can you come mine with me, please? There's too much for me to do by myself."
"Can you please make me a cake?"
"Can you please organize the chests again?"
"Can you please plant some more _____?"
"Can you please help me with this redstone thing?"
"Can you please enchant this?"
"Can you please build me a _____?"

What Minecraft username sounds the coolest?


What do you have the most of at your Minecraft house?

Pickaxes or mines
Furnaces or food
Labeled chests
Farms or gardens
Redstone things
Enchanting or brewing supplies
Extra blocks

You're getting on one of your Minecraft worlds for the first time in a few weeks. What's the first thing you do?

Check the furnaces
Start cooking some food
Check the chests to see if they're still organized
Harvest my crops
Start a new redstone project
Check my levels of brewing supplies
Begin adding new rooms to my house

When you're on Minecraft with friends, what do they usually tell you to do?

Go mine something
Make as much bread as I can with the wheat we have
Organize the chests
Harvest the crops and expand the farm
Make a cool redstone system that will trap mobs or enemies
Start enchanting armor or tools
Start building a base