Which Aphmau character are you? (3)

Which Aphmau character are you? (3)

Includes all the Aphmau characters I can think of at the moment. Have you ever wondered which Aphmau character you are? Well figure it out now with this amazing quiz *chuckles using accent*.

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Someone asks you to hold onto a bracelet they have for a friend of theirs, what do you do?

Take it and run
Say “of course!” And keep it till they ask for it back
Say, “what’s in it for me?”
Say “sure” and debate about whether or not to give it back
Smile, take it, and say that I forgot it when they ask for it back
Say, “so long as I get a kiss~”
Say, “sure! Of course I’ll hold it for you! No problem!”
Take it and wear it until I have to give it back
Take it and accidentally lose it. Then I tell them what happened
Take it and keep it on me for a day, then give it back on my own terms
Say, “sure!” And never give it back
Say, “can I bargain a 2 day keep?”
Say, “sure.” And wink at them
Say, “NO.” and walk away
Say, “sure, cutie~”
Bargain a trade; a potion for the bracelet
Say, “of course!”
Look at them, think they’re cute, and blush
Say, “Of course!”
Say “buy me new fabric!”
Say, “sure, alpha!”
Say “ok, but throw this ball first.”
Say, “fiiiine.”
Silently take the bracelet and give it back when they ask.
Fluster myself, and manage to spit out, “s-sure...”

I know, this is asked every time, but it matters. What’s your favourite color?

Pink like frosting!
Teal like the ocean.
Blue like a frozen lake.
Orange like the sun.
Lavender like... well.. lavender.
Blue like the sky on a warm summers day.
Indigo like the night sky
Green like the forest
Blue like the deep, dark, unexplored parts of the sea
Black like my soul
Pink like cotton candy
Green like a bright ripe lime
Red like the blood spilt on pages of sorrow
Red like my passion for becoming alpha
Sky blue like a swiftly changing sky
Black blue like how I beat people
Maroon like a rustic metal cage
Red like the heart I feel for my lover
Green like a mint candy
Black like the soul of Irene
Red like a maraschino cherry.
White purple like the clouds in the evening
Magenta like special m&ms just for me
Yellow like a sunflower on a summer morning

Who is your MyStreet crush?

Reese senpai
*cough* Zane *cough*

How would you ask someone out?

I wouldnt
I’d go up to them, blush and hand them a note.
I’d go over, punch them in the face, then ask them.
I’d go and just ask, throwing glares at everyone else eying senpai
I’d go over and hand them a note with my number on it
I’d go shyly ask them
I’d just go and ask them, not a big deal.
I’d go over, and stutter like heck as I ask them
Go over to them and say “heey baby~” and wink
I’d use a potion, turn into someone else, and kiss them
I’d go ask with my most alluring voice
I’d go and say, “me, you, Saturday night.” And walk away
I’d go and ask, then we my ship and die from fangirl
I’d go over and say, “yo, you wanna go on a date with me?”
I’d go and ask cheerfully.
I’d use a potion to control them.
I’d threaten to punch them if they didn’t accept my invite.
I’d leave a note in their locker or a letter through their mailbox.
I wouldn’t ask, id text.
I’d pin them against a wall and ask.
I wouldn’t, I’d be too busy helping my group leader get their crush.
I’m happy on my own, thank you.
I’d threaten whoever was close to them before I asked,
I’d be straightforward about it.

Favourite animal?

Aww cats are adorable but omi MICE
Not quite sure.. maybe it’s a cat... or a fish...
Candy kitten!
Cats- wait.. SPRINKLES
Ponies- wait why are you asking?
Whatever my baby likes~
I don’t know, Nya~
Ima dog person myself
Wolves! Bork Bork!
Why do you care?
Do machines count?
Do ghosts and voices in my head count as animals?
Any type of bird
Does tech count as an animal?
Any sort of pet

Who would be your BFF in mystreet

Aaron Nya
Scarify bro if he’ll let me
My siblings are all I need!
Heh... Aphmau
Ghost is my only friend... she understands...
I love myself no one else
Uh- w-why do you care!?
Anyone and everyone!

Almost done. Is this a short quiz?

Yes more pleeeaaase
I don’t really mind but I guess so
Please make more I love this one it was too short
I wish it were longer, woulda meant more time witchu~
Whatever you can do is fine by me! I liked it either way.
I don’t really care
Yes please more content
Not short enough
Eh, whatever time I spend here is time we’ll spent~
Yes more please Nya
No worries, I’ll just go magic myself more content
I can finally go snuggle with my- I mean I don’t mind...
It was just right!
Good for your first one!
Good job alpha!
No it was terrible.
I liked it, I don’t care about anyone else’s opinion
It’s ok... kitty
Heh, whatever
I don’t really care, I was just bored.
Well I didn’t mind.
Loved it it was great yes!

Did you enjoy this?

Yea it was cute
It wasn’t bad
I loved it!
It was made by you so yeah
It was really good!
It was awesome, superb job on it.
It was good
No help please
It was good babe~
I liked it nya
I didn’t mind it
Yeah it wasn’t terrible
I think it showed me a lot
Yeah it was good
Great work alpha!
Ehehehe... bye
It was ok I guess..
*whispers* yeah it was good
Kitty make more
Goodish job
Leave me alone
It was great! Yeah!

Ugh last one what would your friends describe you as?

Outgoing, determined, passionate
Strong, cold, blue
Cute, happy, outgoing
Flirtatious, unique, playful
Kind, loyal, awesome
Pink, sweet, oblivious
Strong, doors, handsome/beautiful
Shy, quiet, dark
Love, demon, happy
Deceiving, Nya, cute
Smart, pretty, witch
Flirt, friendly, approachable
Fashion, art, fire
Frisbee, werewolf, childish
Funny, sibling, friend
Dark, unhappy, alone
Smart, iron fist, strong
Silent, strong, handsome/beautiful
Flustered, ghost, kind
Dark, skulls, leader
Hiding, crushes, follower
Loner, tech, dark
Temper, can’t-hold-a-grudge, talkative
Nice, smart, queer