Can you stand being alone?

Can you stand being alone?

Are you a person who need friends and family close at all times, or can you deal with solitude as if it were actually a gift?

published on October 03, 201281 responses 11
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A friend is asking you about hanging out on the weekend, you...

You don't even really like the person, they just follow you around all the time...of course your 'busy'
You've been around people at school all day, you need a break, you can make an excuse and have a calm day to yourself.
Sure, better than nothing right?
OF COURSE! You would love to be around them all day!

Do you text/facebook/tweet/use Tumblr

Well duh, so much is happening, its balways good to know what where and when! maybe you can join in the fun!
Well sometimes, only to look at close friend though...
No, that just seems like a waste of precious time.
Yeah at least once a day, but really you have a few other things to do than that all day, like read.

Everyone is talking and being really loud...

Join in when you can, and laugh with those 'loud' people
uggg all the noise, it gives you a headache
Talk of course! Actually you might be the loudest one!
if it's important, jump in, but for the most part, listen.

Lots of friends?

one or two...we don't talk much...
yeah a couple close ones and more less close, but still awesome ones!
a few , but only one i really trust!
Of many to count in a minute!

Your veiw on people who look through stuff you have told them was private

I guess I wouldn't be too mad, just upset
Get angry and be angry for a while afterwards
Whats there to hide, curiosity gets everyone now and again!
Get angry at him/her and tell them if they touch your stuff again they will regret it!