What Season are you?

What Season are you?

Out of the four seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall) which are you most related to?

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How do you see yourself in twenty years?

Living at home or in an apartment
Working at a permanent fast food joint
Working in your dream job
Working at a temporary fast food joint

Which of these shapes would say you most likely are?


Which of these would you most likely wear?

GIRL: a long sleeved shirt and a necklace
BOY: a fancier shirt and jeans
GIRL: blazing sundress and hat
BOY: swim trunks
GIRL: any T-shirt
BOY: any T-shirt
GIRL: a girl's hoodie and skinny jeans
BOY: a boy's hoodie and a hat

If someone told you to pick an apple, a knife, a ball of string, or a fish, which would you take?

ball of string

How would your parents describe you?

a loyal daughter or son
a social butterfly
a 'fun by yourself' kind of kid
the anti-christ of listening

*ANSWER HONESTLY* Are you nice?

Not really
Most of the time
Some of the time