Which Fatal Frame 3 Character Are You?

Which Fatal Frame 3 Character Are You?

I have not made a quiz on here in forever, so I am hoping this should make up. If I am off a little, please let me know in a nice, kind way. If you don't like it, keep your opinion to yourself please. There are different characters that you could range from.One mystery person, Rei Kurosawa, Miku Hinasaki, and Kei Amakura! :D Unfortunately these will only be the four outcomes, due to my computer spazzing out...

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You are walking through a long, dark corridor, and you see a figure on the other side...what do you do?

Stare in horror for a few heartbeats, then pull out your
Camera Obscura, and wait for the possible attacker to
draw near....and if all goes bad..flee at the last
Run away! I do not have enough Spirit Points to fight
any darned ghosts!
I should not worry about it...since I am usually left
alone by this ghost.
Cross between a smile when I see the person on the
other side, trembling scaredly before me.

When you hear a faint cry, it sounds like a little girl. She is whimpering, and crying out quietly," Help me!" What do you do?

Be weary, she might be trying to trick me.
Stare in complete bewilderment and wonder, thinking
'what if she attacks me?' D:
Think of a way to help her, even though it is useless...

If you find yourself in the Chamber Of Thorns, and it is deathly dark, and the chamber door is shut behind you, or far away, what do you do?

Basicly, I would kill the darned intruder by blasting a
large white light ....of awesomeness.
Try to escape with all my might!!! D:
Take out my Camera, and prepare for a battle I might
not ever forget.
STAKE!!! D:<

You see a vengeful ghost and you...

Freak out and switch to Crush lens.
Power up your camera with Double shot and take out the sucker.
Run away...you don't know if you have enough spirit power...
Nod to them and be like "Hey. Sup?"

Are you a neat freak? or are you lazy?

OMG NEED TO CLEANSZIES NESS! -cleans everything- I cannot stand it!
I can be neat...but I am lazy most of the time...eventually I can get it done though.

What is your favorite color?

Pink. <3
...purple....it is just...the perfect color. YES.

Your favorite Fatal Frame game?

Fatal Frame 1
Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly
Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented
Fatal Frame 4: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse

Butterflies, Snakes, Cats, or Dogs?

Butterflies. Crimson...butterflies.
Dogs. I am definately a dog person.
Snakes. >:3

What ish your favorite dessert?

Ice Cream :D
Rice Balls. B| -does not care if it is a dessert or not-

Is this a long quiz?

no... I have plenty of time to do this. :3
Yes, but I do not mind ^.^
I write alot, and I read alot, this is nothing.


DOUBLE FEATURE!...even though that is not a type..

Would you take this quiz again if you wanted to?

it depends...
Of course! <3
Eh, sure.

Do you want me to add more questions? :D

I guess so.