What kind of friend are you? (7)

What kind of friend are you? (7)

You can be rude friend, friendly friend, or bff! I think you wanna choose friendly or bff

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You hated a person, you wanted to kick him/her out. But you feel sorry to do mean things on him/her. What would you choose to do?

That is my heart feelings, I don't need to tell anyone.
Sometimes I just can't hold the "HATE" word to my
heart, sometimes I just have to say it. But I didn't
mean to.
Why can't I say it? There is no reason not to!

When you have a test, you don't know all the answers, and if you fail, you have to stay after class everyday. What should you do?

There is no way copying the one beside you. It is unfair to yourself and to the classmates.
I think I wanna copy a little bit, because I feel embarrassing.
I will copy every answer from the person beside you. I hate staying after class. It is terrifying.

If you saw a friend, who is a girl, slipped on the basketball court, what will you do?

Of course you need to help her!
Um, if it is not so serious, I won't help.
Ignore her

Your best friend got the lowest mark in the sport assessment, what will you say?

Don't worry, lets practice sport together next time!
Don't worry you can do better.
Ha! You are a dump!

You know your friend hate lizards. One day, a lizard appears to be in the classroom and your friend started to cry. What will you do?

Take her out the classroom and down to the basketball court and sit down to rest.
Cover her eyes and bring her to her seat.
That is her problem not mine.