What you should wear today

What you should wear today

A quiz that will help you decided what you should were today which should be very help full for people who enjoy dressing up !!

published on May 30, 201368 responses 13 5.0★ / 5

What type of weather is it?

Rainy or wet
Freezing cold! Its winter!

Are you going anywhere today?

Yeah to the beach!
In the snow!
Just playing in the rain
Just no... Im normal compared to them ^ -_-

What type of clotheing have you got an idea of?

Warm and wraped up!
Just the normal..
Well not fully coverd up since its warm!
Its kinda cold so half wraped/casual.

Meeting anyone? ( family etc )

Yes but I have to dress decent
Nah but just the shop and its rainng no piont makeing an effot..
Nope, just sunbathing :D
No way too cold in winter!

How did you find this help full?

By lots of options
Detailed question/answer choice
It was boring..