Which of my Clans do u belong 2?

Which of my Clans do u belong 2?

Find out if your in MountainClan, ForestClan, NightClan, or in PineClan! Plz comment & rate!

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When another Clan trespasses into your territory almost 24/7, what would you do before attacking them?

Try to settle it at a gathering
Give them fair warning then if they dont listen raid them.
Attack them then drive them out of their territory.
Do whats right: show them you can defend your border

A Clan gets driven out, what do you do?

Live with yur life
Find them and bring them home
Teach the Clan that drove them out a lesson they'll never forget!

A kittypet wants to join your Clan, what would you say?

"Well, whe've done it before..."
" No! No KITTYPET will join MY Clan!"
"Were always willing to take in more warriors"
" Sorry, we dont accept kittypets, now go before i send my warriors after ya!"

Your Medicine Cat breaks the warrior code, what will u do?

Make him/her become a warrior
Kill him/her(you truly wouldnt be that cruel?)
Stay out of it.

Whats your fav color?

Emerald green
Normal green

Did you like this quizzzzzz?????????

No, Not Really.
In between
It was really cool

What prey sounds good right now?

Possums or Rats
Wood Mice